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E-commerce Development Make Your Online Shopping Cart Business Profitable

E-commerce Development

With 310+ amazing features and 2000+ modules and templates, PrestaShop is a fast, efficient and an easy shopping cart platform for e-commerce. Over 125,000 successful e-commerce stores run on PrestaShop


World-class prestashop development services at Officegraphicdesign.com

  • Excellent User Interface designers for e-store designing
  • Developers with 10+ years of experience in e-commerce
  • Consultation from experts to make an appealing e-store
  • Expert Prestashop developers on hire

PrestaShop is an open source e-commerce platform which has everything you need to open, operate and maintain an online store.


Unlike other e-commerce platforms like Bigcommerce, Shopify and Magento Go which demand recurring monthly costs, PrestaShop just needs an initial development cost. With a PrestaShop e-commerce development company like Officegraphicdesign.com, you can have a feature rich attractive e-store with very less investment. With a strong community that backs this open-source, you have many features whose advantages can be taken without any cost.

With PrestaShop, all the e-commerce processes like catalog management, checkout, customer account management, analytics, shipping, website management, payments, marketing and taxation on products can be easily managed.


Get in touch with us and we will be glad to provide you the best eCommerce solution using PrestaShop.

  • PrestaShop store and template designing
  • PrestaShop development
  • PrestaShop customization
  • PrestaShop module development
  • PrestaShop shopping cart and third party integrations
  • Dedicated PrestaShop developer on hire

Get in touch with us and we will be glad to provide you the best eCommerce solution using PrestaShop.


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November 2014

The higher demand of shopping online has become a tradition on the fourth friday of november, several companies have dedicated their pages exclusively to provide electronic offers to customers so they can take advantage of exclusive discounts on this day.

This a growing trend that is used by many e- commerce companies using their channels to promote discounts and great deals for a number of people looking for products on their computers and mobile devices, making it a business that begins to take strength and loyal customers.

online marketplaces for this day achieves very high peak shopping ranks, black friday itself its for taking advantage of great discounts and allows to buy products that are not yet marketed in the country or that its cost is very high in stores for customs taxes, in order to reach other markets. To avoid sales declines local businesses adopted the celebration and began offering discounts , even offering better every year for several days before, making people look advances bonuses to take advantage of good deals.

In Office Graphic Design® we can help advice on the management and programming of online stores, sites with features like access from any device and easy administration by the client to handle seasonal promotions.

If you want to know more about this and many other digital solutions contact us:

Ph 305-961-1649 –   www.oficcegraphicdesingcom  - 2150 Coral Way Ste 1

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November 2014

Selling online has never been easier as now, the development of e-commerce platforms is creating a business audiences wider and greater reaching space. In changing economies now need to adapt to the different needs and channels where customers are willing to receive the message of your brand, this is why we offer development for trading platforms online that gathers the requires of your customers.

In Office Graphic Design® we are Prestashop® certified, that means we’re an agency qualified for development of e-commerce stores. This tells that we can carry out any project regardless of it’s size under a very high quality standards.

Make your business a pleasant space for selling online and adjusted for customers is what we do,  this is why we present e-commerce solutions on internet spaces where consumers can view and order your products with just a few simple steps. No matter how many products or references you have; we manage solutions that exceeds your expectations and our crew can guarantee results.


PrestaShop Certified


In Office Graphic Design® we have a wide experience on creating and managing online stores, we are certified partners for development platforms e-commerce as great as Prestashop® making our work a reliable source.

Prestashop® is regarded as the most used and stable development of e-commerce platform globally. By the time you request an online store please contact us about the development and implementation of projects.

If you want to know more about this and many other digital solutions contact us:

Ph 305-961-1649 –   www.oficcegraphicdesingcom  - 2150 Coral Way Ste 1

Miami – Coral Gables, FL 33145

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Reporting is key to tracking and optimizing performance. Merchants must monitor sales and visitor interactions to understand what efforts are working and which have room for improvement.

Track Visitors

Find out what your visitors are looking for and where they come from. PrestaShop provides powerful statistical data that allows you to identify customer profiles, track visited pages, categories, and products.

View Customer Profiles

Tracking your site’s traffic is great; knowing who your customers are is even better! Understand demographics to tailor messages toward their preferences. View their age, gender, favorite products, and more.

Track Orders and Sales

Track all orders and overall sales directly from your back-office. View what day you passed sales goals and which days were not performing well. Follow your store’s sales performance and monitor promotions from your back office. PrestaShop makes it easy to keep track of your success.

Catalog Statistics

Track your customers’ favorite products thanks to PrestaShop’s advanced catalog data. You can also view statistics on how your content is performing. Observe how your products are resonating for customers, including the quality of photos. In one click you can check out your best sellers and top categories.

Affiliate Statistics

Where do your visitors come from? Who are your best referrals? Check out your traffic origin at a glance thanks to detailed charts in PrestaShop’s statistics tab. This helps you to follow day after day who is sending the most traffic and optimize your efforts accordingly.

PrestaShop’s advanced tracking system can detect where a customer is located and calculate taxes or promotions set by the merchant. Additionally, configure exchange rates and let customers choose their preferred currency.

Address format according to country

Your store may receive customers from all parts of the world and with PrestaShop you can tailor your checkout to each country’s address format. This avoids confusion among customers and lets them know their items will be shipped to the right destination.

Unlimited Currencies

Accept all the currencies you need on your storefront by using PrestaShop’s localization data packs or by creating setting the currency of your choice. PrestaShop allows you to create an unlimited number of currencies to display on your store.

Exchange Rate Synchronization

Ensure your prices are always up-to-date according to the latest exchange rates. In only 1 click, PrestaShop synchronizes all your prices according to the day’s exchange rate and your default currency.

Make customers feel secure about shopping online. A secure connection is critical to begin accepting payments. From PCI to SSL compliance, PrestaShop comes equipped with everything a merchant needs to be secure.

PCI Compliance *

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DDS) compliance is a set of requirements designed to ensure that ALL companies that process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment. They are designed to ensure that an e-commerce solution has been designed to safely accept and store credit card information. PrestaShop is PCI compliant Ready and up to all standards and regulations.

SSL Certification

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a cryptographic protocol that provides a secure method of communication over the internet. It is used to send form data, especially checkout data such as credit card information from a website to a payment processor. This is essential when providing a true e-commerce experience.

Secure Back Office

Security is critical! PrestaShop’s back-office follows strict security rules and offers secure access to your data. A login, password encryption, and a URL only known by you will be necessary to gain access to your back office.

Password and Cookie Encryption

Your password and your employees’ are saved in your database encrypted, as well as your customers cookies, to ensure a maximal security.

PrestaShop is a global community and is proud to have community members in over 150 countries. A single store can be translated in 41 languages. Offering various translations will improve user experience and overall sales.

Translate a Shop in Any Language

Open your store to the World! PrestaShop is currently available in 41 different languages, and you can set an unlimited number of translations on your shop: English, Spanish, Chinese, Greek, Italian, etc. The options are endless, thanks to all the translations provided by our great Open-source Community!


Since your store has an international presence, ensure they view content related to their country. Provide the right language, currency, and more. You can also filter your content according to the origin of your customers.For example, you can decide to display products or categories only for selected countries.

Allow Customers to Choose a Language

Manage a dynamic product list through the PrestaShop back-office. Whether the shop has one product or thousands, this incredible administrative interface let’s you manage the most complex inventory easily with one-click updates. Import and export quickly, set attributes, sort products, bulk discounts, and much more. Managing products has never been easier with PrestaShop

Customer Log-In

check-out through their own personal account and tailor messages to their needs.

Complete Customer Account

Every registered user can create his or her own customer account, complete with custom shipping preferences, multiple billing addresses, and the ability to track existing orders.

Ability to Send Messages via his/her Personal Account

Customer satisfaction is key to keeping customer loyal and increasing sales all year around. Provide customers with an easy through their customer account, every user has a direct line of communication with the store owner in order to send messages regarding orders, payment, shipping or anything else related to the shop.

Return Management

If a customer decides to return merchandise purchased through the site, PrestaShop’s RMA system will allow both the merchant and the customer to handle returns quickly and easily with step-by-step status updates.

PrestaShop offers a variety of marketing and promotional tools built in. A successful merchant is the key to PrestaShop’s growth and guaranteeing effective marketing tools will build a path for online success.

Automated Follow-up E-mails

Following-up with your customers is important to gain strong brand loyalty. Thanks to PrestaShop’s powerful modules, you can send automatic emails and discounts according to various criteria. Decide to send e-mails based on shopping cart abandonment or best sellers. You can send promotions on items your customers love.

Newsletters Subscriptions

At checkout you can provide customers with an option to gift wrap their items and personalize with messages. This feature is great for special occasions and the holidays. Customers with appreciate this option and will purchase gifts on a regular basis.

Loyalty Program

Offer rewards to your customers! PrestaShop’s loyalty program allows you to present points to your customers for each product they buy, and they can then convert these points into real discounts. In your back-office, you can set up the value of one point and a minimum amount to use the discount.

Refer-a-friend Program

There is nothing like word-of-mouth buzz! Allow your customers to refer your store to their friends and reward them for each new subscription they bring by a special discount that you configure in a few clicks.

Recently Viewed Products

Remind your visitors what they have viewed by enabling a “recently viewed products” block on your site. This will display their most recently viewed items and make it easier to navigate around your store.

Coupons & Vouchers

Improve your sales and get more customers by offering coupons! PrestaShop allows you to create vouchers and coupon codes for many occasions. You decide the amount or the discount, the number of coupons, the occasion (birthday, new order, referral, etc.) and begin offering great ways to increase sales.

PrestaShop is integrated with numerous payment options and business owners can install a desired payment option with one-click. Ensure payment is received and customers are comfortable providing their information.

Payment via credit card, check, wire transfer and more (unlimited)

Every country has its own payment preference, that’s why PrestaShop is open to a variety of payment methods. PrestaShop comes with many modules embedded in each free download. You can also choose payment modules from the PrestaShop Addon store.

Tax automatically configured by country, state, and counties

Taxes can be complicated which is why PrestaShop ensures it’s easy for merchants to configure the proper taxes. PrestaShop sets tax rules and guidelines according to your country. Living in the United States? PrestaShop handles calculating sales tax. For stores in Canada, PrestaShop configures Federal and Provincial taxes.

Payment Filtered by Currency

PrestaShop allows you to minimize your transaction fees by selecting the payment modules you want to suggest for each currency. Since each country has its own preference for payment, your customers will enjoy using a payment mean they already know and trust.

Integrated with Authorize.Net

PrestaShop comes integrated with Authorize.Net. In only a few clicks you can accept payments through the #1 North-American Internet payment gateway. Just enter your Authorize.Net account info into the module and begin accepting payments.

Set Prices According to Segmented Groups

With PrestaShop you can create customer groups and offer them different pricing. For example, you can decide to offer 20% off on all prices for customers living in the U.S. Customize the pricing and groups according to your preferences.

PrestaShop allows flexible shipping modules and is fully integrated with major carriers. Provide customers reliable shipping options and the ability to include custom messages. Control logistics such as, fees, weight, shipping restrictions and more from the PrestaShop back-office.


Shipping Discounts

A customer is always pleased to get free shipping. You can set multiple incentives on shipping fees such as, offering a % or a fix amount off shipping for purchases over a certain amount. Customers will order without hesitation. You can also offer shipping discounts according to the destination or weight.

Fees by Price or Weight

You can set up your shipping fees according to the price or the weight of the products so the fees are calculated exactly the way you want. For each carrier you work with, you can set different prices and weight ranges, so you always offer the best shipping rates to customers.

Separate Billing and Shipping Addresses

PrestaShop allows your customers to give 2 different addresses for billing and shipping, so they can easily send items as gifts.

Integrate with UPS, FedEx, UPS, Canada Post

PrestaShop comes with a numerous shipping carrier modules ready to use in a few simple steps. Install and configure them with your account. Your customers can choose their preferred carrier based on experience, price, or destination. Pricing is automatically calculated for customers based on weight and destination.

Unlimited Carriers and Destinations

You can install as many carriers as you want on your PrestaShop storefront. Destinations are also unlimited, you can set as many zones as you need to satisfy your customers and sell around the world!

One-page Checkout

Online shoppers are looking for the quickest way to check out and PrestaShop allows you to make it easy for customers with a one-page checkout. Your customers will enjoy the simplicity of checking out and shopping cart abandonment will reduce. Boost sales conversions and enhance user friendliness with PrestaShop. (Click for details)

Option for Customers to Create an Account or Continue as a Guest

Customers are free to create an account or continue using guest checkout. Providing options gives your customers flexibility. With a personal account they can return frequently and keep their data stored. Guest checkout increases conversions by providing the fastest way to purchase items. (Click for details)

Gift Messages, Gift Wrapping

At checkout you can provide customers with an option to gift wrap their items and personalize with messages. This feature is great for special occasions and the holidays. Customers with appreciate this option and will purchase gifts on a regular basis. (Click for details)

Saved Shopping Carts Configured with Expiration Time

Give your customers some time to think and increase your conversion rates. Customers can keep items in their carts and you can configure a time when the items are removed. Customers will not need to browse your catalog again, they just click on “Order”.Your customers save time and your sales increase!

One of the best forms of marketing is search engine marketing. Optimize a site and ensure major search engines are indexing the store. Simply through placing high trafficked keywords in site tags, a store can be seen on the first page of Google! Discover limitless possibilities with increased online traffic.


Search Engine Friendly

PrestaShop combines all the features necessary to improve SEO efforts. From keyword tags to customized URLs, optimize your store using back office settings and you will see an increase in rankings without doing external linking. (Click for details)

Customize URLs

PrestaShop allows you to create custom paths to be added to the URL to get targeted visitors directly to your product pages. You can place keywords or product descriptions in the URL easily through the back office. When a user searched a specific product name or description, chances are your site remains at the top of the search engine thus increasing traffic. (Click for details)

Google Site Map

With PrestaShop you can install a Google Site Map through your back office. A Google Site Map will help Google to crawl your site on a daily basis. Google stores the information crawled and then submits the data to the search engine for improved rankings through organic searches. (Click for details)

Meta Information for Products and Categories

Meta Descriptions and Meta Keywords are used to optimize a site for increase visibility and rankings on major search engines. Place keywords and product descriptions in the dedicated fields of the PrestaShop back office and your store will climb the search engines in no time. (Click for details)

Auto-generated Sitemap

Get referenced faster! PrestaShop allows you to generate your sitemap automatically according to your store’s content. Then the sitemap is submitted instantly to Google and other search engines to get all your products, categories, and pages referenced in the organic searches. (Click for details)

Dedicated URL for each Product, Preventing Duplicate Content

Duplicate content keeps you from increasing search engine rankings and can even get you penalized by Google. PrestaShop helps you reduce the chances of duplicate content by creating a dedicated URL for each product page. If you have 100 products, you will have 100 different URLs. (Click for details)

Tags for Each Product

Tag products with keywords easily through the back office. Tags help you increase rankings for each page. Placing relevant keywords keeps visibility and traffic increasing. (Click for details)

E-mail Notifications of Delivery Status

Customers love to track the progress of their purchases. Thanks to PrestaShop’s e-mail notifications, customers can receive up-to-date information on their order status. Status messages can be customized and you can inform them on whether the order is being prepared, shipped, or in transit. They can then receive notifications from the carrier on estimated time of arrival. (Click for details)

Administration Permissions and Users

You can create as many users as needed with specific permissions set for each user. Perhaps you want to only allow a user to edit products or view order statistics, PrestaShop allows you to set specific settings for each user. This feature creates a secure store while giving access to those who need it. (Click for details)


Fully Customizable Design Using Templates

PrestaShop comes with a great basic template that can be customized to your needs. All templates are completely customizable from A to Z. You can also download two alternative free templates from the PrestaShop Addon store. Still want more? PrestaShop provides numerous templates. You can choose depending on your industry or design preferences. (Click for details)

Customize Logos on an Invoice, Favicon and Header

Make sure your site is well branded with your company and leave a lasting impression with customers. Upload your logo in the back office and choose to place it on your header, invoice, and favicon. (Click for details)

Choose Languages to Display

Enable multiple languages of your shop. PrestaShop comes with five languages including, English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian. All translations are provided by real people.You can rest assure there will not be the grammatical errors usually performed by robot translations. If perhaps you need more languages or you’re missing your desired language, PrestaShop offers 41 free language packs to download and install in just a few clicks. (Click for details)

Edit Content through the CMS

A Content Management System (CMS) allows you to easily edit pages of content, upload images, and more. Create pages for your contact, company, and policy information through the PrestaShop back office. You can also set different user permissions to allow others to edit informational pages. (Click for details)

Manage Performance (speed, cached cookies)

Decrease load time by enhancing performance. PrestaShop allows you to compress files and configure server settings to reduce the amount of information pulled each time a visitor loads a page. PrestaShop provides settings to create a faster way to encrypt cookies and gather PHP database queries. Improving speed will also increase search engine rankings. (Click for details)

1-Click Upgrade

When there’s a new version available, you can upgrade with one click and your entire store will be downloaded and installed automatically while keeping all your data and information intact. (Click for details)

Webservice – CRM, ERP… integration

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) are software programs to assist in automating operations, tracking sales, and organizing communication. If you currently have a CRM and/or ERP, PrestaShop integrates seamlessly with your software. You can connect sales information with leads or relationships tracked via a CRM. (Click for details)

Override: Customize your store without modifying the core

You can make edits to files without having to change the overall source code. For example, if you would like to create a custom field for product catalogs you can do so without worrying about changing the entire PrestaShop code and creating errors when upgrading. When it is time to upgrade you can rest assure all data stays intact. This makes editing easier and gives you the freedom to customize according to your needs. (Click for details)