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Content Management System (CMS)

Content Management System

Publish and Share Content. Easily.

Are you in a content driven business and are looking for a robust and reliable content management system to publish large quantities of content frequently, quickly and in multiple locations?
With dynamic content ruling the web today, businesses around the world are generating more and more content on a daily basis. A CMS (Content Management System) is a web application that allows easy amendments to your website with minimum technical resources. Globalization has made it necessary for companies to maintain a database that can be easily accessed by employees around the globe. Due to this, Content Management Systems (CMS) are fast becoming essential to businesses and organizations. officegraphicdesign.com develops powerful, flexible, and user-centered CMS systems, easy -to-use web applications to streamline and automate the process of publishing content and update the website easily through a well-formed GUI interface with only a few mouse clicks. Based on individual business needs, we offer both grounds-up CMS development or customizations of an off-the-shelf open source CMS packages such as Wordpress Joomla! etc.

General Features

→  100% Ownership of the Code
→  Completely custom interface design
→  Real-time posting capabilitiespopu

Administrative Features Standard

→   Secure login
→   Ability to add, edit, delete content items
→   Image uploading
→   Preview capabilities
→   Ability to set order of display
→   Ability to activate and deactivate display of items
→   Remote access capabilities
→   Custom levels of access/control for multiple users
→   Want to know e’d be happy to demo our Content Management System at your convenience.

WordPress is a popular open source blogging tool and is used by a large number of website owners to add blog functionality to their websites.

It has many powerful features and is extremely easy to use and upgrade. Many clients demanded something similar to wordpress to be able to manage their entire website content. With increasing demand, we have come up with CMS solutions that utilize wordpress platform to build content managed websites for small and medium businesses.

WordPress webistes have obvious advantages over other systems.w-plug

→  Quick deployment.
→  Bug free as it is built on a widely used platform that has already been tested by millions.
→  Easy scalability: WordPress offers hundreds of free plugins and you can always upgrade to a newer version of wordpress (that comes with advanced features) without much hassle.
→  Low cost of deployment. Since wordpress is a free platform, you don’t pay for the platform but only for a few minor customizations to make it work according to your requirements.
→  Search engine friendly. WordPress is loaded with a number of search engine friendly features that provides a major traffic boost to your website.

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Content is King.

At officegraphicdesign.com, we can integrate and customize various CMS packages to suit individual client requirements, and also integrate CMS solutions with existing applications such as shopping carts, discussion boards etc, to facilitate the publishing and sharing of information.king

We also build unique solutions for our clients by customizing existing appropriate “off the shelf” products to lower development time and increase cost effectiveness. If the complexity of solution is high, or if the desired functionalities are not available through off-the-shelf products, or if a more robust and scalable platform is required, our developers and technologists can even develop solutions from scratch.
Through our CMS solutions, you can become self-sufficient and be in charge of your content in the real sense of the word, with a major reduction in the time spent in creating, managing and delivering the content. Our state of the art CMS technologies will delight your customers by providing them with an enriching user experience»

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